Australian Catholic Medical Association 


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The CMAV will be hosting a Seminar Series on the 'Foundations of Christian Ethics'  consisting of eight lectures and discussion sessions. The series is open to all university students and young professionals, especially medical and healthcare students and young doctors and nurses.


This is a unique and rare opportunity to receive high level teaching

and guidance in these essential yet often neglected areas of education.


Course leaders will include, Fr Paschal Corby OFM Conv and Fr Brendan Arthur.

It is hoped these monthly sessions will provide the necessary groundwork and establish a sound philosophical anthropology and theology to help young health professionals, as well as other young Christians, to engage seriously with the difficult ethical issues they will face throughout their lives and in their careers.


If you wish to participate please email us:  

Part One 

01/    Tuesday May 28th

Truth, Goodness and Beauty:

An Introduction

Hawthorn Library

Rooms 3&4

584 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

03/   Tuesday 30th July

What is 'the Good'?

What is 'good' for us?

Ashburton Library

Rooms 1&2

154 High St, Ashburton

02/   Tuesday June 25th

Life, Human Life  and Persons.

Hawthorn Library

Rooms 3&4

584 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

04/   Tuesday 27th August

The Law: Autonomy, Heteronomy and Theonomy

Hawthorn Library

Room 2

584 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Part Two 

05/  Dates TBC

What is health? What is the purpose of Medicine?

Location TBC 

07/ Dates TBC

Ethics and Legislation

Location TBC

06/  Dates TBC

Moral and Ethical Action: What should I do? How should I live?

Location TBC

08/  Dates TBC

Life and Death Topics:  Navigating the Issues

Location TBC