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Hope: No Euthanasia

Articles, Statements and Videos


Letter to Prime Minister regarding Religious Freedom and Victorian VAD Act 2017

Former AMA Presidents Reject Euthanasia laws


Professor Kissane's Testimony to the Inquiry

Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network:

Statement against laws for deliberate ending of life

(Published August 2nd 2017)

NZ Parliamentary Report

on Attitudes to Medically-Assisted Dying  (Tabled August 2nd 2017)

Summary of NZ Report

(80% of 21,000 submissions oppose euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.)

Watch the Tropfest Short Film Winner for 2017:        

The Mother Situation:

(Only 7 minutes with very insightful black humour about the issue of Euthanasia.)

Notre Dame University's QandA Panel Discussion on Euthanasia 

December 2016: Panelists: Dr Natasha Michael, Prof Margaret Somerville, Prof Paul Komersaroff and Assoc Prof Justin Oakley. 


(For more  NDU Q and A Panel discussions on other subjects click here.)

The Great Euthansia Debate:

Archbishop Anthony Fisher vs Prof Peter Singer - Sydney University, August 2015.


The Victorian Euthanasia Timetable

  • 7 May 2015: Victorian Inquiry into End of Life Choices began.

  • 9 June 2016: Final Report of Inquiry tabled in Parliament.

  • 9 December 2016: Government responded to recommendations by saying they would  introduce a so called "Assisted Dying Bill" into Parliament in the second half of 2017.

  • May 2017: The Ministerial Advisory Panel published an Interim Report.

  • July 2017: The Ministerial Advisory Panel published its Final Report.

  • September 2017: The Bill is introduced into Parliament.

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