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CMAV 2017 Newsletters

#3 2017: Margaret Somerville's article on the VicAMA Congress, FIAMC Lenten Message, US CMA on Trump's HealthCare Act, US Bishop's Response to Repeal of Obama's "Transgender Student Letter". And the new Irish Catholic Doctors Website.

#4 2017: Watch the ABC's Q&A episode with Margaret Somerville. Read this 1986 JAMA medical journal article on Jesus' Passion. Enjoy this video of an Orthodox priest singing the Our Father in Aramaic. Down load our Annual Dinner flyer.

#5 2017: Read the recent MJA articles on euthanasia by Prof Douglas Bridge and E Emanuael. Watch this short video about the current coercion of health care workers and their new euthanasia legislation. It can also be viewed at the website of the Protection of Conscience Project .

#6 2017: Read eight good reasons Physician-Assisted-Suicide (PAS) should NOT be legalised. Think Oregon is the model state for PAS? Think again. Read this 'reality check' on the state of things in Oregon. Even The Monthly magazine is publishing articles against PAS, such as Dr Hitchcock's excellent article. New Zealand's Parliamentary Inquiry into PAS. 21,000 submissions, 80% against.

Also check out this new website by disability activists opposing Victoria's PAS legislation, Rage Against the Dying. We are not alone! Watch disability activist Liz Carr's message to Victorians and and her presentation to parliament, on the dangers of PAS legislation for people with disabilities. Watch local disability activists on the steps of parliament explain why PAS legislation is dangerous law. Finally read Liz Carr's article on the Victorian legislation.

#7 2017:

Archbishop's Fisher's piece on Bioethics as a possible American plot!

A. Euthanasia topic: Former Vic AMA presidents urge MPs to reject Victoria's euthanasia laws. Read Rachel Avi's excellent article in the New Yorker on some of the negative fallout of a euthanasia culture. Read this disturbing first person account in JAMA by Canadian doctors reflecting on their first euthanasia kill.  

B. SSM topic: 

Archbishop Anthony Fisher's article on what Pope Francis says about 'same-sex marriage'. Also Archbishop Mark Coleridge article on fundamental questions to consider re 'ssm'. The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference's detailed document on Marriage and Same-Sex Attraction. Read the critique of the AMA's support of 'same-sex marriage'. Read the medical student counter-critique!! Oh dear!