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Sex and gender Website Links

Sceptical of the “affirmation model”

 * Binary Australian organisation is concerned with the role that gender plays  in our society. We affirm the fact that gender is binary. Male and Female.

Australian Parents Questioning Gender

4thWaveNow: US-based community questioning medicalisation of gender-atypical youth

Kelsey Coalition: US-based advocacy group with parents’ testimonials

UK Legal Case to Protect Children from Experimental Medical Treatment: crowd-funded litigation to challenge legality of puberty blocker drugs for troubled teenagers

Transgender Trend: UK-based parents questioning the trans narrative

Gender Health Query: US-based LGBT group concerned about risky medicalisation of youth

Parents of ROGD kids

Rethink Identity Medicine Ethics: Clinicians and scholars with LGBT profile and focused on risk to young people

Gender Identity Challenge: Scandinavian parents concerned about ROGD

"Affirmation” advocates

* Australian Parents of Gender Diverse Children


Australian Professional Association for Trans Health

Transgender Victoria

The Sydney Gender Centre

Equality Australia

Australian Psychological Society

Australian Human Rights Commission

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

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