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Each month the CDAV community and its supporters will endeavor to dedicate a period of time to pray for each other, for our families, co-workers and for our patients as well as for the intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Special intentions from CDAV supporters are welcomed each month and will be prayed for as part of the session.


All Catholic doctors and other healthcare professionals are welcome to participate either in person or remotely during the designated time period.


A particular prayer will be chosen or composed each month by our chaplain, which will be available on our website and/or via our newsletter. It will be recited at a particular time and date, as noted on the website, in addition to other standard prayers during each session.


Due to the limiting factors of time and location for working health professionals, it is anticipated that many will not be able to be physically present for these sessions. Therefore an invitation is extended to participate in prayer ‘remotely’ during that time, by reciting the given prayers at home or at work.


A small group (two or more!) will endeavour to meet in person each month at this time and pray together. All are welcome to attend and participate in person. Details of the location will be emailed each month in our newsletter or upon request.


In this way, we hope to support each other in prayer in spite of the considerable time demands of our occupations and other responsibilities.

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